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California House Reveal

The latest residential revamp was more of a makeover using the client's existing furniture, accessories and lighting and it was our task to make sense of it all and allow the pieces to tell a cohesive story. We did add a new rug in the living room, tripod floor lamp and wall shelving to house their meaningful artwork and give a focal area to the newly painted wall above their existing sofa.

Here are some "before" images of the living, dining, eating and guest bedroom that we revamped.

The style for this super comfy spot is eclectic with touches of bohemian pieces that are as vibrant as they are unique. One thing was true for this home: when you entered, you didn't want to leave! The large windows gave amazing natural light and the colors were simply divine in this home. The warm painted concrete floors mixed with the mix of natural woods, neutral sofa and assortment of artwork all had a tale to be told regarding how they were acquired, the history rich as it was exciting to hear about.

That is what I love most about design, the stories that pieces trigger and create within a space. And in this home, every single item was a discussion piece and a wonderful family story waiting to be told. Finding homes for their tokens and treasures was a true joy to be able to do for this incredible family.

Here are some "after" images of their living, dining and guest bedroom.

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