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black + white kitchen remodel

For our latest kitchen remodel, we had a TON to work with! This kitchen had beautiful lines, unique art pieces and a view that was striking when I first entered to meet the client. I instantly fell in love with the modern feel, open and airy mood that it exuded and the design process that instantly started taking place in my mind.

The ceiling height, dramatic angles and modern aesthetic was already present, giving my design eye a sure direction to keep the modern vibe and simply layer in textures and pops of color into the space and keeping the foundation black and white.


the details

The lower cabinets were painted in Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore, which grounds the kitchen in a beautifully rich, dark saturation that leads your eye down to the new amazing tile flooring! TileBar's Instinct Dark Porcelain Matte Tile was chosen over 6 other options that would lead you from the entry, along the house and into the kitchen. This was laid in a stacked pattern, keeping the modern vibe and being mimicked in the TileBar Montauk Sky 2x8 Ceramic Tile backsplash tile that was also updated in the renovation process. Stacked was the name of the game for all of the tile and became a beautifully understated yet GORGEOUS look. The countertops turned out to be the shining achievement, I think and the more you look, the greater their stunning appeal. Calacatta Laza was the chosen piece of quartz, which brought some drama with the large veining and added movement within the kitchen. A waterfall edge was shot down due to the necessity to have the outlet yet I don't think it was needed to make it a crazy good addition!



This vintage rug was the styling starting point! We knew that the need for some color was there and these colors in the Kilim rug was PERFECT against the TileBar tile, don't you think?!

In all, our kitchen/flooring/paint/appliance update was a great use of repurposing solid cabinets in good shape and simply adding new pieces around it. The lighting remained in place and we built around the good bones that were already there.

An additional seating area next to the back door was another moment to give some life in this kitchen space.

We were able to utilize pieces and art the client already owned. I LOVE being able to see my client's personal style through their home and am so happy we were able to showcase their beautiful figures, sculptural pieces and even added an original piece of art that shines above the fridge with that glorious pop of orange that I found in the vintage orange canister set on Etsy.

One of the most rewarding aspects of the remodeling process is to see how every piece collides to create a simple yet curated finished result that has a tangible energy when you're in the newly updated space. This space was felt over Zoom, but I could still feel the fresh space in all of its gorgeous glory!

Until next time take care of yourself!


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