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7 Stylish Storage Trends That Make Getting Organized Easier Than Ever

Experts share the latest storage solutions making homes more efficient in 2021.

By Kristina McGuirk 

March 17, 2021

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Talk Shop | March 3

Growing up in Springfield, Missouri, Tago was a creative child, whose entrepreneurial spirit ran the gamut, from fundraising for school activities to organizing closets. Today, the designer enjoys creating beautiful spaces for her clients through her firm The Whitley Co., which she founded in January of 2018. Through her work, she aims to highlight each client’s unique voice, and brings their treasured possessions to the top of the heap in order to enhance their spaces. Tago feels strongly that her passion for interior design allows for more than just creating spaces, but also the ability to enhance people's lives in the most intimate settings. (We agree!)  Read Full Article.

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Storytelling and design converge at The Whitley Company


Sep 17, 2020

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Marissa Whitley Tago sees herself as a storyteller.

Certainly, she’s an interior designer, working with accent colors and complementary patterns and fashionable-yet-functional furniture, but that’s also how she tells stories.

“The way I go about interior design is the way that I would create a story,” she said. “That’s all a space is. You’re telling the story of who lives there … and the things they love.”

Whitley Tago founded and operates The Whitley Company, an interior design business in Columbia. She works on a wide range of projects with a variety of clients, from bachelors looking for a new basement to companies with new additions to furnish.


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Marissa Whitley Tago: The Whitley Co.

By Kady Weddle

HerLife Magazine

“My principles: striving to learn, becoming better and exceeding expectations.”

“Time is relative,” said Marissa Whitley Tago, interior designer and founder of The Whitley Co. “Going back to school at 32 and graduating before my 35th birthday showed me that everything works when it is supposed to. I wasn’t ready to start a business at 25 or 30. I was living and learning and cultivating who I was until I started The Whitley Co. in 2016.”

Marissa was a student at MU at 19, in 2001 and 2002 and withdrew from school after landing a job with MTV as a VJ for their college television network. She moved to Chicago, expanding her resume while modeling and acting, then to Los Angeles in 2009, returning to Springfield, Missouri, two years later. “I never thought that I would come back to Columbia or Missouri, but after my husband, Nick, was stationed here as a Navy recruiter and subsequently retired from the Navy, we decided that Columbia was an ideal place to call home, raise a family and embark on the next chapter of our lives after his service career came to completion. It’s been an incredible place to live and start my business!” Read Full Article.