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Poised Bathroom Revamp

Hey there! We have been trying to get some things conquered inside the house that we have been talking about for a while. And since I am the QUEEN of projects, I made the unilateral decision for us to take on the Guest/Girl's Bathroom since this is the bathroom everyone uses and we see the most. Makes sense, right? It did to me, and I had been pulling items onto my design board and finally got my husband on board to doing some manual labor for me on this project! My interior design board inspiration for the eventual completion is below and the main parts that I absolutely love are the new round mirror, the hexagon tile for the shower and the amazing bath mat from Anthropologie (which is where the whole concept came from, to be honest).

First, I wanted to paint the vanity instead of gutting the whole thing to be a bit more mindful of simply throwing perfectly fine things away. But, I decided that this may be the second phase of the redo. That may happen eventually but wait, I'm about to drop the B-word, we are doing this on a budget and it will take a few phases.

To Begin:

Everything starts with a good, deep clean. The white shown a bit brighter and the paint helped make the white trim and doors pop that much more. Phase 1 included: 1. Painting the walls (this would take 3x coats due to the color). 2. Switching out the knobs on the vanity. 3. Re-caulking the tub insert, the next phase is gutting the whole insert which I am super excited about and putting in the tub and tiling up to the ceiling and the ceiling with the large light tiles and a detail of the black hexagon tiles for added texture and visual interest. 4. Adding two hooks for towels on the wall opposite the toilet in place of the towel rack that came out of the wall a few months back. 5. A new toilet seat cover that was clean and sturdy. 6. New shower curtain. (This looked like the wallpaper that I loved but was a ton cheaper and instant!) 7. New bath mat that brings color and texture into the space. The towels work well with these colors, too. 8. Original artwork from our little artists (shown below) and some shelving above the toilet are the last pieces of the phase 1 puzzle, so to speak. My baby did all of the prep and painting, with a terror of a cold, nonetheless. Go babe! Then, today, he hung the mirror and hooks for me.

Phase 2 on the horizon will include: 1. The vanity top will be the last find and a remnant piece of quartz or beautiful piece will make that otherwise builder-grade vanity stand out and totally unique! 2. Shower updates with the tile and new faucet set. 3. The actual tub insert. 4. Updated light fixture. 5. Updated faucet for the new and glorious vanity topper! Being on a budget is great. I love the slow progression that makes you more grateful for the new pieces and keeps you intrigued in making each space better but honestly, I cannot wait to see the new shower with the fresh tile. On a dim note: we are pondering putting in a central light fixture to brighten the space or maybe putting a canned light in the shower. The mix of metals has not bothered me like I thought it might (the mirror is brass and the rest of our existing items are chrome) but it works. In total, this was a $150 job that took a day and a half from start to finish. The trip to Target was a nightmare as it was back to school shopping Saturday, but I took it in stride, like you do with everything...ah, exhale and make it happen!

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