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Peek-a-Boo Bathroom Reveal

There once was a little bathroom that was craving a calming, cool and cat-inspired update that was as whimsical and it was simply stunning in the end. Given two white stand alone vanities to create a bathroom design based around, I was off to the races! Steve Long, owner of SCL Construction & Restoration worked major magic to transform every surface that you see within this sad little bathroom. Weeks turned into months, as renovations tend to do, with every detail being taken into account, considered and then pondered upon once more. It was that attention to detail that turned this once narrow, dated and somewhat spirit-dampening space into a simply stunning and serene spa-like space that is anything but drab. Take a gander at the before and the process images showcasing all of the details featuring opening up the closed in walls, creating open shelving in an otherwise deep and depressing non-functioning closet and updating every inch of the sad bathroom from frame to frame.




This entire bathroom concept stemmed from the two vanities already purchased before the remodel began so we knew we could play with color and pattern since those were very simple and white. We knew that those were the vanities to be used and everything else had to be complimentary to those vanities within the space. Aside from that, we had free reign to play with texture, pattern, wall paint and tile colors all while being fairly minimal in nature.

Ritz Countertops

1. The custom countertops for the white free-standing vanities are a gorgeous Granite perfectly named Ritz.

2. The custom valance fabric is from Pindler from their Artisan Textures collection in Lakeland.

3. For all of the brushed nickel details including the faucets/pivot mirrors/ double towel rack/curved shower curtain/ towel ring and toilet paper holder- they are all from Ferguson Showroom.

4. To make the bathroom look larger, we continued the large scale floor tile into the shower for a seamless transition and sleek aesthetic.

5. The cat shower curtain was found by the homeowner and the feline concept was discovered! (Although, their cat was in my original shots of the bathroom so it seemed fitting!)

6. I then found this adorable Are you Asleep Yet? print by Laura Graves soon after to finish off the space. I love where it's placed (directly above the beautiful new skirtless toilet) which adds whimsy and humor to the entire bathroom.

7. The stained wood closet has a striking appearance and houses the SONOS speaker along with tons of towels, candles and baskets for storage in an open area that is painted a Stonybrook, deeper paint color for added appeal. The vanity wall and bump out areas are all painted this deeper color for nice contrast.

8. The wall paint color is Beach Glass which depending on the time of day and lighting that is turned on, has a grayish hue that makes the tile and countertops really POP!

// AFTER //

Photos Courtesy of Emma Dorge Photography.

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