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Things to Add to Your Life in 2022

We have made it through another unprecedented, unpredictable, unwavering and unrelenting year of anything but ordinary circumstances. We have made memories, discovered ways to pass the time within our homes and attempted to get back to "normal" life. With that, I can't believe we are coming up on a brand new year.

What are some of your resolutions for the new year? What did you accomplish in the past 365 days? Have you set goals for yourself, your family, your career in the new year?

I wanted to share some things that I will be incorporating into my life in the new year! January will be the kickoff of more "me" time, more self-care, long baths, events in person, road trips and getting out and about more! Plan, plan and plan so the days don't just pass you by, make a plan and create the life that you want to live.

#1 | Incorporate Sustainability into your Home

Sustainability isn't just a trendy word people are using. it is a great thing to focus on in 2022 with lessening our carbon footprint, landfill additions and waste. There are tons of ways to reuse items that would otherwise be thrown away so being mindful of repurposing furniture, updating existing pieces that you already own and simply not adding to the wasteful ways of the world in the new year.

Here is a list of some ethical and sustainable companies to shop with in 2022 ranging from West Elm to Etsy and Joybird.

Cleaning supplies, natural, chemical-free options are on trend for a reason and buying from companies like Grove Collaborative will help you feel good about your plastic reduction on the planet and make your home smell simply amazing! Their exclusive scent is Eucalyptus, which is calming scent to add to your home anyway so it's a win-win!

In our black + white kitchen remodel, the clients used their existing cabinetry, making two new faces and painting them for a fresh look that saved them money in the end.

#2 | Tackle your Tough Catch-All Areas

You know the spaces, the "drop zones" that end up extending to a whole counter, space or room even. There is such a hard mental block when it comes to these areas and when dealt with, your mental space and mood will improve and your productivity will increase. This includes areas where you can create storage, a mudroom concept or a media charging station.

#3 | Keep a Clean House

This cleaning schedule from Good Housekeeping can definitely help outline your best use of time, daily, weekly and monthly. Create a chore chart for your kids like this and allow each member of the family to become a valued and needed part of maintaining a house!

#4 | Add a Scent to Your Space

Candles, incense and oils add a wonderful warmth and nostalgia that is both calming and generates a sense of calm. Eucalyptus, vanilla, and lavender are my go-to scents and love how they make a space feel.

#5 | Get Cultured! Going to a museum, a concert or an event where you are engaging, learning something new and doing something new helps lower depression and create good vibes in your life! Get out and get EXPERIENCING!

The St. Louis Art Museum (SLAM) photo shoot with Kalea was an incredible experience in 2019.

#6 | Enjoy where you are, right now- not later.

Comparisons are such a drag, personally or otherwise. Stop with the comparisons and simply enjoy the victories that you've had, the wonderful gifts that your life has given you and the impact of your life on others. How can you be better? What do you want to tackle in the new year? Start a journal with your blessings, goals and baske in the great things happening in your world!

#7 | have an open mind + keep looking for design inspiration

Design is ever-changing. Your spaces don't have to look like a Pinterest or Instagram post, instead they should be functional for YOU and your family. How do you live? What do you need to create a space that works for you in your daily life? Keep searching for things that make your heart sing, items that work within your budget and can be added to your home that will grant both function and enjoyment to your spaces! Knowledge is power and it's the same with design. Enjoy browsing with an intentional budget and timeline in mind, knowing that NOTHING is as easy as it looks online!

One of my favorite places to browse for new finds!

#8| History Gives you Happiness

Add family portraits, important trinkets and other historically relevant pieces into your home. You will love that reminder of where you have come from, the life you've lived and the lives lived of those that came before you. The greatest gift you can give to your family is to share stories, old photos and involve them in the journey up until they joined the family. I got an gifted to me this Christmas and it is mindblowing what I have discovered already!

#9| Create a home that is a true reflection of you! Your family, your lifestyle and your interests! This is the year to do it, in full force, with finding items that you love that mean something to you! One amazing way to create incredible moments and memories is to take one photograph every day of the year and keep a photo journal of your life that you can then print, frame and share with your loved ones next holiday!

#10 | Lead with a Grateful Heart

This is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING moving through life day to day. Gratitude is a state of mind. There is nothing more that you can do to make yourself feel amazing, blessed and full of positivity than creating a mindset of being grateful for exactly where you are. Keeping a journal sharing your thoughts of gratitude redirects negative thoughts and energy, keeps you looking towards things, uplifts your spirit and provides a solid emotional plane of being happy, thankful and truly energized by the gifts that are present in your life.

This was the sign upon entering the Flourish House in Columbia, Missouri. I loved the message then and even more now...

Happy New Year, everyone!! I wish you happiness and health in the new year!


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