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Berkshire Hathaway Office Revamp

The question this post answers is: Can you style 21 open shelves for less than $1,500?

Well, that's exactly what we did with the downtown Berkshire Hathaway conference room. Before the process, this office was a bit dated, and a new floor and fresh paint made a HUGE difference in how this conference room felt. It was made current with those two updates. The ceiling may be taken out and made more industrial down the road, but for now, you don't mind it with these aesthetic updates. Use what you have and make small changes on your budget, it will always make the space feel better for you. The large things can wait! This just goes to show that with selective finds that didn't cost a ton of money, this project cost less than $1,500.00 with my decor additions.

Here is the finished product in this conference room once styling with an assortment of flea market finds, vintage pieces that struck a chord of the earth-tones already in this office and anything else that I thought would add a bit of visual interest was complete. The key to this was to bring natural elements, mirrored items and items that seemed aged and unique to the respective shelf it was going on. Whether it was its shape, color or size for the shelves, there was a strong need for masculine and feminine items to balance itself out and utilize the colors of the signage for BH in their main lobby area. Over 50 books were used to add levels, taupe and tan colors and warmth to the shelving as well. Thanks, Love Seat for the 1/2 off book selection!

For me, less is sometimes more and the hardest part of styling shelves is to strike that balance between being layered and interesting and not being too crowded or similar from shelf to shelf. I loved how I happened to find green items that made the aged copper/oxidized appearance of the sign throughout the shelving. What is your favorite piece?


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