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brick + bashful | ORC w3

Well, do you want the good, the bad or the ugly news first?! As Week 3 comes to a close, there's a bit of frustrating parts that has happened that is completely my own doing! In an overzealous yet controlled demo of our butt-out wall, I discovered there was brick underneath, well, sort of. 100+ year old BRICK, you say?! YES! I live for exposed brick so...hold the hammer, it was ON without much thought! Uh, plaster and a support beam stood in my way so hubs had to head to Home Depot to patch and mud my mishap that no on will end up seeing becauuuuse... I then decided I had to have brick on this section to pay homage to the real deal hidden underneath. Not sure of the finish or treatment on the goods I found but this is happening! Take a look at what we fixed and then, what we got!

UGH. Bad, right? So, Nick did a superb job of patching the drywall and then the design moved towards adding a brick look since I got it in my mind that I wanted brick where it truly is, even if it isn't the ACTUAL brick. I mean, that makes sense, right?!

What else happened this past week?! Well, here's a quick recap of some other progress happening around the Tago house...

So I have to say that our repurposed piece of furniture that has been converted into our vanity is one of my favorite things and watching Nick work his magic makes me really proud of him! I could have helped but he totally had it covered. No, really, he's a perfectionist like I am and I stayed in my lane. He had a personal vendetta against that black paint, for real.

Adorning vintage brass cup pulls from Luckett's Store, brass legs and a cute knob, this piece has gone from black to Aegean Teal and the lines of the wood really pop now, which I absolutely LOVE!! All in all, we made a vanity for under $300 as opposed to buying something brand new for $600-$1k. This piece was $60 and the tools, paint, and hardware upgrade made this a one-of-a-kind piece for our powder room that will grant the dark walls a nice change of pace and bring the fabric from the windows into play nicely! (The quartz countertop and backsplash will be another $500 but the faucet was sponsored so I can live with that price!) Take a look at how our FB Marketplace find got updated to better fit the space! I love the shape, the age, the smell and the new feel of this piece. The quartz top is going to send it over the top in such a cool way, too.



Thirdly, a big beautiful box from Australia came this week and the incredible Milton & King sent fabric for the window treatment and a double roll of the Houndstooth wallpaper, both of which are AMAZING in person. I am really happy with this combination even more now and have decided to use the wallpaper in a second location that I will reveal later on down the road...

Speaking of down, the two steps down into our powder room are in rough shape so I decided to paint these bad boys when all of the pieces are installed and no one will knick them up. Sanding the stairs was next on my list while we wait for our faucet making its way from Morocco from InsideEast. (Delivery date is slated for Tuesday the 19th, btw!) In the meantime, my OCD never-sit-down-self has to do SOMETHING so I discovered that our dog, Maui, doesn't much care for the sander, similar to the vacuum cleaner. :/ Anywhoo, here is a quick video of me getting after it with the hand sander. I need a few more passes but the freshly painted steps will look a ton better than these drab old thangs.

Just another video, can you tell I'm excited about the ORC progress that's happening?!

For all of the One Room Challenge participants, check out their blog! I have loved getting to know fellow designers and feeling a part of something so creative and supportive, which is the main reason the ORC has flourished for 20 seasons with over 5,500 rooms transformed!


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