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washed up laundry room

If you're like me, laundry is an everyday event that is a never-ending part of my household duties. I have tried to add it to the chore list of my kiddos but nothing has stuck in terms of them actually helping out. In our house 3 houses back, I knew that I wanted a refresh without taking up too much time or money and as spring comes around, I wanted to post some before and afters along with some tricks to creating a functional and prettier space for you to enjoy the daily chore of laundry!

Must-Haves List for our Laundry Room

  1. Updated Lighting- Fluorescents are the worst-it's gotta go!

  2. Shelving for Storage (new brackets, too)

  3. Fresh Paint on the walls, dings patched and a brighter color

  4. Organized containers for the soaps, change, etc.

This is where we started below, with a separate room that I could close the door on, which is nice, as opposed to a hallway so I wanted to make it a bit more efficient. The hanging rod was so low nothing could actually get hung up to dry so that was the first thing to go. Well, second, after the horrid lighting.

| Before |

| After |

A vintage rug welcomes you to the refreshed laundry room with Mindful Gray as the fresh paint color, original artwork and photography, fresh plants for a touch of greenery and a raised shelf that will host extra TP, Paper towels, towels and anything else that could be a bit out of reach. The cleaned utility sink was a nice surprise when we moved in and I love having it there, having draped nice towels on it for photos but was where all of my paint brushes got cleaned!

The vintage light fixture was found at Midway Antique Mall and was out of a school, giving the Schoolhouse Pendant look, that was literally a schoolhouse light!

Two things we couldn't change were the tile floors and the carpet so I needed to blend what I added with those two pieces that couldn't be changed. The vintage rug did exactly that and gave a nice pop of color and interest when you entered the space.

With small but necessary changes, my laundry room is a working space that I can manage, move in and enjoy. The updates didn't break the bank, just paint, brackets, lighting, and a raw wood shelf that I didn't even paint or stain. The baskets and decor were repurposed from other places and I now don't mind being in this room. Treat yourself to simple yet significant changes to love where you live. That's the name of the design game!

Until next time....


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