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Master Bedroom Makeover

Have you ever used lime paint?? Well, I have and have to tell you how easy and amazing the finished result are!! I am loving the sleek look that has transpired with a ton of patterns that play well together in our newly updated Master Bedroom!! Color Atelier is the incredible lime and plaster paint that creates a sultry and oh so easy application that I did 100% by myself. Yes! It was THAT easy!


the process

the result


*This post has affiliate links that will send some pennies to my pockets if you like and buy these pieces. Simply click on the number below to buy! Small steps in creating the home you want with these pieces and feel good knowing that you can tackle this design challenge in a weekend! (The paint makes it that quick!)

1| White Chair

2| Platform Bed

3| Accent Rug

4| Chandelier

5 | Armoire

6| Side Table

7| Accent Lamp

8 | Art

9 | 7 Seagrass Baskets

10 |Throw Blanket

11| Lime Paint

12 | Gold Gallery Frames

Sleep well and enjoy your bedroom glow-up!


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