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Capital Camp | A flagship adventure

May of 2019 afforded me a tremendous opportunity that was one of the biggest, most challenging events that I have been able to help create with my business. I didn't want to take this project on at the time because it scared me. I had not done an event of any kind after starting The Whitley Co. and the event was a major undertaking from a multitude of venues, with over 300 guests from all over the world. The list of venues along with the daily excursions guests' were able to embark on were simply incredible. Their playground would be the historic Tiger Hotel in the heart of downtown Columbia, to the Missouri Theatre which housed the 3-day seminar on the ins and outs of investing and concluded with the final event at the beautiful Blue Bell Farms in Fayette, Missouri. Here is a look at the highlights of our first large event that we designed a cohesive aesthetic for. Oh, and fireworks, a hot air balloon and James Beard award-winning chef brother duo were also present at this flagship event where my job was to create a subtle yet cohesive backdrop at each venue for guests to enjoy.

The stage at the Missouri Theatre featuring a large accent rug, wooden pyramid (that was the logo of the event) along with a two-piece metal CAPITAL CAMP sign that was super cool as it shown illuminated during the on stage seminars.

The preparation for the 3-day event was me sitting in my kitchen creating the centerpieces that would adorn each of the tables in both the Theatre as well as the other events including the evening at The Blue Note and Blue Bell Farms. Then, I took a trip to connect with and pick vintage furniture that would inhabit the Farm interior for various seating areas at Pretty Little Things.

Two area rugs were purchased along with a grey couch and 4 blue bucket chairs and 3 tables were sourced for the main lobby of the Theatre that would be a nice landing place for guests as they took breaks from the seminar itself.

Here is the historic lobby of the Missouri Theatre with exuberant finishes that I had to work off of to create a cohesive furniture that spoke to the Capital Camp feel as well. Here was the selections that worked well in the setting and gave a nice backdrop to the elaborate features of the lobby.

The selections at Blue Bell Farm from Pretty Little Things turned out so incredible and the final evening was filled with roasting a whole pig, a bluegrass band and fireworks that lit up the sky.

The inside of Blue Bell Farm was an assortment of rich vintage rugs, tufted leather and velvet seating options with an assortment of hand-picked trinkets that spoke to the historical and aged aesthetic of the barn itself. The evening was pretty spectacular with the range of food, drinks and environment that was created. All of the glass vases and faux Dogwood branches were put in loose pebbles and live moss with the centerpieces all being added to cut wood blocks with rocks and the glass bowls filled with an assortment of moss and succulents. I created each one by hand and after 8+ events and 4+ venues, was amazed that nothing was broken at the conclusion of the festivities. Here is a look at the vignettes created...

For more information on adding your name to the 2021 Event Waitlist, visit What an amazing experience that was hard work, lots of moving parts and pure creative bliss!


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