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Chairish Favorites | W List

We have signed on for the amazing site for all things design and decor, Chairish, and are so excited to share our monthly or even, weekly roundups of our favorite things we discover!

What is better than amazing stylish curated pieces that add style, layered and luxurious additions to your space?! And, better yet, there is a zillion options for any budget that will elevate any area these unique pieces are placed. I love browsing through their curated site and am ELATED to be a part of their designer family as a new Interior Designer in their Directory! Want something special? Reach out to me and we can find that vintage, distinct and unique piece to compliment your space.

Enjoy browsing for those one-of-a-kind pieces that not only make a space more interesting but also create something intangible that is what I strive to create in each one of my designs...that unspoken aesthetic that is layered, interesting and storied. There is a life that each piece has led prior to you acquiring it, thus there is a depth to those aged pieces that can't be recreated or generically bought. Each piece is special. Each piece leaves an indelible mark on those that see them. Each piece is visually interesting and sparks a question. Chairish has it all and I am honored to be able to source these incredible pieces for my projects and see them transform a space undeniably. They are worth the investment and are to be chosen with careful consideration, ah, have fun!

Until next time!


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