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CreativeMornings | SPECTRUM

In what was the most nerve-wracking request that I reluctantly said YES to, (cue, Jim Carrey) I was asked to share my story at the Columbia chapter of CreativeMornings last September on the subject of SPECTRUM. Whew. Deep breath. I worked on my presentation from July until the big 7am virtual call where I unfolded the envelope of how I came to be where I am today. The good, the sad, the struggle, the triumphs and lots of memories were there for all to see in a Google Slide presentation. Well, at least we have graduated from PowerPoint, I guess.

Dissecting what makes you who you are, reliving painful moments in your life all to come out on the other side, virtually, unscathed and resilient but not without the scars that lay just underneath the surface made this a difficult process for me. I work to simply move on, move past and continue to pick myself up and persevere. That's always been my "way". This was an exercise in taking a moment to go back, see what makes me who I am deep down, thanking those who supported and encouraged my journey, as nomadic and renegadian ( I made up a word, I think) as it seemed as I forged a path that was atypical yet necessary for me. I am here because of ALL of it, the wide spectrum of happenings and chances taken.

Watch the morning experience below to see how my life and work as an Interior Designer pertains to a full spectrum of experiences that has given me a rich, full and meaningful life.

Take a closer look at my presentation created for this here.

To learn more about CreativeMornings, click here.


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