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e-design is here to stay

Well, it has happened. The infinite and indefinite home/work/play life within our very own homes is in full swing. The shift has been significant, and at times, really tough for a multitude of reasons that you juggle during the duration of your day, but we are making it through. One day at a time. One week at a time. One month at a time.

This is our new normal. This is what they have been telling us.

A part of me cringes as I write that, as I know that there are a million things that have changed since Covid has hit, not merely being isolated within out homes attempting to make the most out of this tumultuous and truly trying time. Nothing is normal. And with that, shifts in every facet of life, every job (if you're one of the lucky ones to still have one and be able to work from home), they are wrong about one thing. Everything normal has, in fact, changed. Full force, full steam ahead, we are in the thick of it.

Now, here we are. Isolated and anxious. Caught in the minutes of the day when we see/feel/act every emotion under the sun and yet, we strive for some sort of normalcy in our daily lives. Kids are home, work is home and now, EVERYTHING is happening at home. At first, it was wonderful, a luxury to take the time to enjoy those little moments in our days that we typically are too busy to see. Missed milestones and moments, a misuse of time. Now, we are here for it all. The good, the bad, the ugly. The double-edge sword of being present, being able to notice the broken/used and abused items in our home that we now want to be able to fix, change and update. Covid has been devastating to so many lives, so much of what we knew and worked for, destroyed in some way either subtle or substantial.

Control is gone, so now we are eager to take some ounce of control back. The psychology of it makes perfect sense, really. We need to feel in control of SOMETHING in our lives. We need to make the most of our new normal, and in that-- our spaces in our home, no matter which space, no matter the budget, no matter your style, you need to update and make something in your life better. Furthermore, you just want and/or desperately need a change. You have pulled back the curtain and things aren't what they seem in Oz after all. Your home wasn't created to function as a daycare/office/zen zone and 24/7 soup kitchen. Well, today, it has to. Something has to change to create a more functional space that works with your new lifestyle and workload. I get it. And, I am here to help you make this uncertain time as convenient and cool as I can. Aside from phone calls to discover how to make that a reality for you, so much of design is listening and reacting to meet the challenges that I learn about from my clients.

Here is our latest e-design that helped a client create an outdoor patio space to enjoy.

| Design Mood Board |

Lucky for you, there is a way to get personalized, unique and curated furnishings directly emailed over to you. e-design has been around for 10+ years as a featured method of designers/bloggers to style a space and send direct links to you to purchase those images when you see fit.

As life moves to the virtual arena, interior design has quickly made the same motivated move. DIY-ers unite, this is a perfect solution for you to get the space you've always wanted, from a designer, on your budget, without leaving your house!

Book a discovery call to see how we can help create a livable space for you from a safe distance, regardless of budget/style/space.

Be well and take some deep breaths. Blessings are all around you.


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