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Eclectic Home Office Makeover

Whew! Well, I have completed my home office and I have to say, I LOVE the accent paint color chosen on a whim. Dollar Bill Green is the color and I couldn't love it more!



Let's take a look at what I was working with for my home office! This is honestly, one of my favorite rooms in this entire house because of the light streaming in, the height above the ground and the ceiling details with the dormers outside that also house TWO gargoyles!

And in my searching for items to include in my office space, I found an old screen for an original window in that attic that I immediately wanted to repurpose as a bulletin board/frame for a dream/design board that would be the main piece on my door wall adjacent to the blue IKEA bookcases! Score!

Here's to a completed home office full of my favorite things, assorted keepsakes, live plants, a full sectional, a few vintage rugs and layered details that make this space one of my favorites of my entire house!


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