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exposed + empty | wk2 ORC

On this week's episode of What in the World is Happening to your Kitchen, WOMAN?! We are seeing lots of new things including NO CABINETRY or FLOORING! The demo of the original 100+year old wood cabinets on the exterior wall and the sink run that was built in place to mimic the style of the originals are all gone! We have repurposed all of them for additional storage in our cellar and shed so I feel like it's a definite win-win scenario. See me below pondering the meaning of life, the value of a working kitchen and all things High Point Market, which I still have to write an extensive blog post about!

So this was our kitchen prior to this process...

I had tried to paint a few places to give depth and add some interest but overall, this kitchen simply doesn't function for modern day. The lack of storage, counter space and a dishwasher has been a trying year but we are at the final countdown to making this kitchen a functional and fun space to spend the majority of my time in!

The added AC/heater in the split unit is an eyesore but sometimes function takes precedence and August heat in this kitchen with NO A/C was awful last year so that addition was more important than having an open wall, sadly enough.

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(Like the one below!)

Added bonuses include the ability to repurpose all of the cabinetry that we took down and removed! Our laundry room ALSO has a nice custom looking built-in hanging above the washer and dryer giving us some much needed storage in that space as well! I can't wait to set up this new spot for all things laundry and have it looking cute. But first....

So, a lot has happened and we are down to the subfloor and have ZERO cabinetry left in our kitchen as of today! Next up, relocating the plumbing and adding a 270 volt outlet to the interior wall where the oven will be relocated.

Additionally, we have updated old electrical in the kitchen allowing for our incredible new faucet by Principle Faucets that has a foot pedal that allows my kids to activate the water from their feet and saves water all at the same time, GENIUS! We discovered that every outlet was on a SINGLE breaker...what?!

Oh, and the original plaster was bowed due to the lovely original elements crumbling behind it so we opened the wall and repaired the issue with a quick patch job, ready for the upper cabinetry that will be added later on down the road!

So laid bare for all to see, with electrical and plumbing updated is a pretty sweet place to be for the 2nd week of the One Room Challenge! If you haven't, check our Week 1 post here! Be sure to check out or Instagram for behind the scenes, deliveries and all things ORC here! Be sure to check out others progress here!

Until next week...slow and steady wins the design ORC race... fingers crossed!

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