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Fiji Bathroom Remodel

Tilebar has outdone themselves with this tile. Period. This bathroom got a stunning floor tile that is the crowning achievement of this space! The blue/green 7" hexagon tile is called Cavallo Fiji Porcelain Tile whose addition takes this bathroom to a new level. Design is so funny in the way that an entire design concept jumps into action after ONE SINGLE ELEMENT is selected. In this case, the dynamic and dramatic tile was how the rest of the materials were selected.

| Before |

Holy Hex Tile, friends! When I tell you that this floor is what made this bathroom, well, that is what I mean! The color alone is EVERYTHING let alone it being the coolest texture and shape on the planet. There is nothing traditional or tame about this, yet in the total look of this bathroom, it still is demure enough to work with the pale tones of the vintage rug I found on Etsy to compliment all of the colors of the rest of the bathroom. (The tile was so yummy, I had to lay down in the styled space and take a picture with it! Yes, it was that good.)

| After |

Adding natural and warm elements for the stained open shelving that was an original part of this bathroom was the last step in creating a cohesive and collected bathroom. This is the final step in making all of the selections truly SING!

The shower details include a vertically brick-set pattern (Which I haven't ever seen before!) that elongated the bathroom, making it seem 2x the height of the original bathroom shower. The matte black shower door hardware and faucet details brought this white subway tile to a modern place with the added niche allowing for soaps and shampoos to be housed in a cool spot.

The ultra textured tile was an addition that was great breaking up the vanity with the black mirror, giving it another aesthetic nod in this bathroom. For that tile, we found the Tilebar Enigma Light Gray Tile that we placed vertically to mimic the shower tile in a subtle way.

The vanity was instantly updated without tearing it out and buying a new one. The original vanity was simply painted, adorned with incredibly cool leather and brass hardware, also from an Etsy store, and the icing on the vanity cake is the piece of quartz that added texture, movement and some glamour with the slab that we found to add some visual interest! The countertop is Iced White MSI Quartz with an eased edge, keeping the painted vanity light and easy to maintain.

The walls are painted Swiss Coffee and the vanity is painted Saybrook Sage, which is how the tile selection possible. The sage green was a huge starting point in this entire design concept. Funny what the main jumping off item will be in a design project. In this case, Saybrook Sage was how the rest fell into place. Keeping it all streamlined in the midst of the hexagon floor tile was the quest here, not creating too much to see while allowing your eye to gaze upon all of the minimal details in consistent finishes. I loved how this bathroom turned out. Unexpected. Stylish. Stunning in its simplicity.

Until next time, take care of yourself and keep your days filled with as much positivity as you can!

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