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Getting a Luxe Home for Less

One thing remains in the world of design: Despite what people may think, getting a chic and luxurious look in your home doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Seriously. If you know what to look for, ways to incorporate your new finds and how to stretch your budget as much as you can, getting a luxurious and livable home is possible! Use what you have, figure out what you want to search for, set a budget and stick to it. This list may take some creativity but I promise it will be worth it when you discover those pieces that speak to you as you work to create a space you love. There is no magic wand, curating a space takes time, so stick to it, keep an open mind during your day and I bet things will present themselves to you! I am here to give you my top 10 ways to get a luxe look for less just in time for the holidays!

TIPS TO GETTING A LUXE LOOK FOR LESS #1 RECYCLE IT! | Repurpose Casegoods (reuse furniture you already have - think outside of the box and create a new way to show it off. Paint is your best friend as well as an open mind!

Photo: Pineco dot com #2 MIX IT UP! | Add a mixture of metals to a space. Not one, but a few to keep your eyes bouncing around and matte black is the hardware finish that is trending for 2022.

#3 Bring the DRAMA! | This can come in the form of an amazingly odd sculpture you find at a flea market, an original oil portrait or combining a ton of these oddities to create a cohesive collection to a space. Turn on the talking points with a cool conversation starter.

#4 POP of COLOR | Whether dark, moody paint colors or bright, lively paints- ADD COLOR to a space to bring an emotional charge to a space.

#5 Mirror Mirror | Decide where a blank wall could be transformed into a reflective, decorative and simple gallery of smaller mirrors or an oversized single mirror. This makes a space look bigger and gives the illusion that you have much more light in a space than you actually do!

Photo: Six Walls

#6 Black Beauty | Every room needs a touch of black! Give a space an edge, depth and visual interest by adding or painting a piece of furniture, light fixture or decor black. There is always a need to bring some black pieces to a space, regardless of your palette or style.

#7 Pull out all the stops! | Upgrade your hardware and give new life to your existing furniture, cabinetry and furniture. Add hardware to a blank cabinet front in no time, for next to no money. Websites like is a great place to start along with Etsy, giving true artists a platform to show off and sell their goods!

#8 Oversized is Oh-So-Impressive | In a space, play with scale. This is where your true design skills will show. Throw an oversized rug under your dining table, filling the entire dining space in a formal dining room to give the illusion of it being LARGER. Adding an oversized piece of Art, chandelier or mirror is an instant space lift that brings an impressive visual piece to a space.

#9 Aged & Vintage | Ditch brand new everything and mix in old, aged, antique, flea market finds and bargains into your home for an interesting, collected and truly unique home. There's something to giving old finds a new home while adding one-of-a-kind pieces to your space. You'll be amazed at how much these pieces stand out and make you happy!

#10 Light it Up! | Adding lighting, LAYERED or otherwise, is a brilliant way to create moodiness, showcase art or your favorite pieces on your walls and give separate spaces their identities. Pendants, chandeliers, sconces and picture lights all have their place in your home and regardless of your budget or style. Find the lights that speak to you, but know that any updates you make will instantly transform your home for the better.

From high end to budget friendly, the internet is your best source for gaining an immense knowledge and selection for all things design. Take your time, give yourself grace as you navigate the landscape of ways to create a more luxe space. You'll know what you need when you see it, trust your gut and most importantly, HAVE FUN WITH IT! Design is a process not a single day of shopping and it's never complete, that's the beauty of design. No matter what, don't think you have to have what others have, need a ton of money or don't know your design style. I bet you do, and it boils down to things that make your heart sing when you see them.

Until next time, take care of yourself and do something in your day that makes you happy.


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