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Jaguar Bathroom Remodel

Jaguar. That was the finishing touch that brought this dated bathroom to a chic, cat-worthy place in our latest bathroom remodel. How can you go wrong with floor-to-ceiling glossy subway tile, Caviar dripped walls and a deep blue vanity to throw a little monkey-wrench into the whole situation?! I am getting a bit carried away but the truth of the matter is that the client found this vanity that worked and the rest was made to work around it. I love when design finds uncertain ways to cause creativity, don't you?!

Take a closer look at how simple details, a beautiful pop of color and adding a touch of something unexpected can quickly transform a dated bathroom into a place you don't mind spending a bit of time in!

| Before |

| After |

Photography by Emma Dorge Photography

The flooring, footprint and canned lighting would remain in this bathroom, with the old medicine cabinet on the wall next to the vanity, and all other surfaces being able to be updated as we saw fit. Well, I wanted to tie in the basement remodel details back upstairs into this bathroom so the Caviar walls simply had to be! We couldn't paint all of the doors upstairs Caviar yet I wanted to nod to the concept that made the basement so beautiful, hence this rich paint choice.

From subway to stacked, the glossy 3 x 6 white subway tile is yet another take on a classic. And yes, mixing the arrangement only makes this "typical" tile choice even cooler, in my opinion. Clean and crisp, these lines make the space seem larger (always a win!) and keeps the dark Caviar walls in check. I've never loved subway tile more than in this bathroom!

Clean lines were also used in the towels to keep things simple. The decor was were lines, pattern and simple details could be used to show off the newly updated bathroom. Covid took some sourcing fun out of my sails but the original pottery, art and meaningful books used to add height, visual interest and color all make this finished space all the more fitting.

What's your favorite part of this one? Until next time, be safe and stay healthy.



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