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Milton & King x The Whitley Co.

The One Room Challenge has shown me two things: 1. The design is the easiest part of a remodeling project. 2. Brands and companies are eager to give folks a chance to showcase their talent using their incredible products! Milton & King was that brand for me who sponsored both wallpaper and fabric for my Moody Powder Room!!

Milton & King started in 2008 and is a humble family business blindly dedicated to the evolution of the wallpaper and fabric industry. Lucky for me, they are also the Fall 2021 One Room Challenge sponsor who happened to take a chance on a little known guest participant who reached out to them to kindly ask them for support in being able to showcase their fine products in her Moody Powder Room- ME! Shocked and siked at their response fully down to send me their AMAZING products all the way from Australia, I have found their hearts to be as genuine and full of zest as their products they create. Feeling like the belle of the ball, I am beyond ready to see their window treatment fabric and wallpaper get installed in our powder room.

Here's the unveiling of our custom made Thistle fabric that felt so silky and smooth, I loved being able to lay eyes on it for the first time!

To read more about the Thistle fabric. For hanging wallpaper, they even have an amazing article that outlines how to get it done! Check it out here. Each colorway is beautiful and layered which made my decision on which to choose even harder. But, in the end, I found that I loved the pop of purple/blue/pink/red that shown in the center of the fabric!

This unique design by SIMCOX features Scotland’s national emblem, the Thistle, with a hint of baroque lyricism. A rich and luxurious evocation of the Scottish manor house, regal, sophisticated but still lively. Flavours of plum, heather, and salty sea air. Sensual, romantic and memorable. Grand, yet with the warmth and comfort of a BBC costume drama on a Sunday night. Fascinatingly the thistle is actually part of the sunflower family. Throughout Celtic regions the thistle represents bravery, devotion, durability, strength, and determination. A gorgeous designer upholstery fabric subtle for curtains and accessories as well.

The wallpaper and the fabric will be the icing on the powder room cake and helped shape the entire look and feel of the space. I can't wait to show off the end results using these incredible products!


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