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our big REVEAL | ORC w8

Hello again! Long story short, we found a Victorian home one year ago after relocating from Missouri to West Virginia. We decided we needed modern conveniences such as AC and a dishwasher so I worked to get things ordered and ready for the Spring One Room Challenge after updating our powder room for the Fall '21 ORC. A big shout out to my husband for all of his hard work on both spaces that were nothing short of a challenge, indeed!

Here we are... swamped with all of the finishing touches that have had to get done in the past few weeks amid end of school shenanigans, traveling to Missouri for our custom build reveal and having to get a new computer as my battery decided to stop working. Life is hectic and yet, we are here! Exhausted and ELATED at the finished REVEAL...take a look!

Even our rescue, Maui, had to make an appearance for the final photos. His place is on the vintage rug where the little spot of sunshine showers him with warmth.

And even more cool, we have a beautiful collaboration between The Whitley Co. and Wade Creatives who has so generously taken the final and professional photography of our finished historic kitchen!

Mixing old and new is something I love doing and this kitchen has 3 vintage pieces that we found online or in a local store. Buying old pieces made this kitchen feel cozy and unique. Repurposing sturdy, solid furniture is the way to go if you can find just the right ones. All 3 gave us much needed storage space and infused old charm and color differences as well.

Here is some progress of the tile, a nook we added some shelving to next to the kitchen and the alcove in the kitchen. The wallpaper touches from Milton & King were such a small yet substantial add that gave these spaces some life! The tile additions were from our sponsor, The Tile Shop and featured 2 different backsplash tiles (4 x 4 dark grey Zellige and 3 x 12 white subway ) along with a dynamite graphic black and white floor tile that truly transformed our kitchen!

Let's take you back for a moment to see what the space looked like when we moved into our historic home this month a year ago. We touched every surface and man, I am ELATED with the charming quality it has when you're in it!

Here are some images I took once we got all of our hardware installed (a day late, of course!) but I had to show off the entire kitchen with all of the details!

...and here is the design concept that highlighted new surfaces all around from the floors to the ceiling detail we added. The sponsored pieces added so much charm and storied details and I couldn't be happier with how it all came together! The marble trim pieces above the Zellige was just a beautiful touch that pulled the cabinet color perfectly!

Here is what we lived with for a year as we added a mini-split, painted a few areas for livability and added a vintage island in the center of the kitchen.

our kitchen before

And once we decided on updating the space we repurposed the original cabinetry throughout our house for added storage. SCORE!


What a difference some amazing Milton &King wallpaper makes! The look of this painted with that touch added makes me happy when I am doing laundry! And, hey, if you can add storage for free somewhere, why NOT?! Other updates in this laundry space were a repurposed light from the sunroom, fresh paint on the back of the hutch, under cabinet lighting and decor. Oh and we had to relocate our ADT panel to this area due to our new PANTRY in the kitchen!

So much has been changed in the actual kitchen but these are two additional spaces we also tackled since they were adjacent to the kitchen with open doorways. The laundry room was the first and the little alcove in between our sunroom/dining room/kitchen was the second.

Here are a few shots of the progress we made with demo, adding electricity on the exterior wall for the new GFCI outlets and moving the water line.

With the updated tile flooring from The Tile Shop and the updated placement of the sink featuring an incredible Konrad faucet from Principle Faucets, we have changed the look and function of our kitchen! These two amazing SPONSORS truly outdid themselves in their products they so graciously gave us to feature within our updated space.

Fresh paint and cabinetry made such a big impact in Week 5. This was the week when I could begin to see the real-life look and feel of the kitchen.

We also were able to use our Paint Spray Zoom 3000 Paint Sprayer on updating our hutch that will get hung on the right side of our exterior wall. This was a FB marketplace find and I ventured out in the ice to pick this bad boy up and man, I love how it turned out!

It is super heavy and I love the vintage appeal of it along with the unusual shape and mirrors the fluted apron sink from Vintage Tub & Bath. It wasn't intentional yet they play well off of each other.

Week 6 saw our new countertops and wow, what a nice addition! The counter space is unreal and we figured out that we more than tripled our original amount of countertop space. The sink run is truly a sight to behold and there is such a beautiful addition. The island was a remnant that we leathered for variation and I love the texture it adds!


A HUGE and ultimate THANK YOU to our amazing SPONSORS of our kitchen for their quality products, swift shipping and amazing customer service throughout the entire process.

A big thank you to Apartment Therapy, the official media sponsor of the One Room Challenge along with of course, the 10th year of the One Room Challenge which has helped folks transform 6600+ spaces in their homes with a cool community of DO-ers! Be sure to check out other spaces and their reveals here!

This house portrait from Minted was a perfect nod to the historic home we are calling home for now...

Until next time be safe and be kind...


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