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Our First "One Room Challenge"

Starting September 29th, we are embarking on our very FIRST One Room Challenge!! What room are we making over, you ask?! Well, after losing sleep pondering which of our rooms needs the most love, we have chosen to update our Victorian powder room.

I have done a ton of research on updating a bathroom, including this gem from The Spruce on ways to make this space really stand out, including creating a decent budget, tips to make it have a big impact and tricks on the renovation itself. We have ordered items, sent inquiries on obtaining sponsors for the event and changed the design concept about 300 times in the past few months due to shortages, delays and when one design element changes, it all gets a second look, with other changes being inevitable! Needless to say, we are at a GREAT place and our "Moody Power Room" is set!! Let the kickoff of the ORC begin!

So get ready to see the transformation from a pretty plain, beige and strangely laid out powder room into a dark, moody, luxe and layered powder room with a mix of patterns and prints (you know how I do!)

We are bringing vintage drama in all of its glory fresh with crystal, marble, emerald black paint, unlacquered brass and the vintage decor for the finishing touch to bring the history of the house to life! Everything from the flooring, walls, vanity, mirror, window treatments and all of the fine details have been considered, pondered and changed until it all fit perfectly together!

Here is the powder room in our listing for our house when we bought it in May of this year. One single image and there's nothing much that matches the charm, historic or interesting design of our Victorian house. What do you think?

The eight week challenge will showcase our real life situations that arise as we make changes to the layout of our sunken powder room located off of the landing of our grand wood staircase. Follow along as I share week by week, link the other designers participating in the fall 2021 One Room Challenge and highlight the details, companies and creatives behind my Moody Powder Room.

I am fancy now as well and will have a "SHOP THE LOOK" section on each blog post, featuring items that I will be using and find inspiration in. You are able to link directly to products that will help support me with a small commission for shopping from my site, so thank you! I hope you enjoy seeing the steady progress in our powder room for our very first time participating in this design challenge focused on increasing the sense of community among designers and shining a light on some pretty amazing work being done by DIYers and established designers alike!

Here are the featured designers, be sure to follow along for their projects!

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