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SamiaLynn Illustrator + Design

Have you ever been scrolling and something so beautifully executed stopped you in your scroll?! Well, I remember doing JUST that and seeing SamiaLynn's work that stopped me mid- scroll and made me smile. With a subtle nod to women, the view of a row of diverse women in clutch with each other, in support of one another, was the visual that I immediately fell in love with. I had to know who had created it!

So, in true 2022 fashion, I immediately went to her pages to check her out! I loved everything about her work and her style: the colors, the line work and the bigger meaning of such a graphic, perfectly illustrating her sense of self, her support of other women, other creatives and being extremely talented.

I knew that I had to get something made from Samantha when the time was right and well, the time has come! Here is where she went with a simple email asking for a custom piece of me sitting on my desk in my office with lots of color, my vintage rug I love and architectural plans rolled in a container next to my desk. Tada! A few days later, concept outlines and a completed illustration were done and a hard copy was mailed to me. WHAT?! So easy, fun and meaningful to capture where I am in my business right now is truly a gift she gave me.

Her website shows off her immense talent, her passion for all things artistic expression and I had the chance to Zoom with her in order to "meet" the artist who created my office and presence in her piece that she created for me. I was instantly met with warmth, a genuine passion for what she does and a smile that lights up the room.

Samantha is a master of all things design, coming from a fashion background, educated at Parsons School of Design and fully committed and passionate about every aspect of creating for her once freelancing to now full-time passion turned career. From Parsons to bridal to building a brand, Samantha has taken the leap into allowing her abilities to guide her company in an organic way.

What struck me with the process was along with coming up with ALL of the details, colors and finishing touches for my office concept, she was timely and a pure joy to hear from! I have a few more images on my wishlist for the year but this first work of art is exactly what she is about.

A fellow minority and female owned business, her passion drives her designs much like mine does. We spoke the same language on our call and laughter quickly ensued as we discussed the many jobs, moves and moments that decidedly dictated our creative journeys. Inclusion, celebrating and uplifting those around her while adding her own personal creative touch to her clients' vision or big event is what she does best. Live sketching on site to add that special something and forever keepsake to your wedding or event is also something she does seamlessly as well.

Samantha's work is eclectic, vibrant and full of color and life that is felt, not simply seen.

How my office design concept started...

Here is the process video she sent when she was done creating her incredible illustration.

Until next time stay healthy and happy in your endeavors,




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