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Serene Office Project

From the time you open the door to this office, you are hit with two things: the subtle sound of white noise and the relaxing lounge area awaiting those entering, both of which providing subtle comfort and serenity to clients. Blues, greens and grays combine in the neutral and neat office space that sees clients through various methods of therapy. This office is more than simply a place to do business, it is the foundation for a deep, meaningful and often times groundbreaking period of time for clients.

I had the opportunity to bring this calming aesthetic to a private office that proved that textures, soft accents and metallic-touched artwork gives a sense of ease and comfort to the space. The finished product for this update is below, having started with the client finding these recliners that would allow for comfort and a clean look with the nailhead on the sides and the tufted detail giving it a nice layer of luxury.

| Before |

With space arrangement, furniture and decor sourcing, providing hidden storage and a smaller desk that allowed for more usable space within this space, the office quickly became a beautiful blue-hued space that was as comfortable as it was calming.

A small side table was a nice addition that will be easy to move and fit next to either chair or place in front of a chair if needed. The light wood finish was complimentary to the center mirrored table without matching completely.

The added plaid pillows were the perfect addition to the recliners. This pillow from Hackner Home caught our attention as a clean and crisp pillow for your seating area.

The added pieces of furniture were a much smaller footprint that was both reflective and much more modern. The angles create nice movement in the space without painting the walls or being able to do major changes to the room itself.

Sometimes you must MAKE the change you want to see in the space, isn't that the saying?! It doesn't have to take a ton of money to get a pretty amazing update in any space that you have. What is your biggest office challenge to speak of?


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