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Soul Seat | An Industrial Showroom

Ikaria Design Company (formerly Health By Design) is a small family-run business located in Columbia, Missouri that designs and builds handmade furniture for folks that want to stay active as they work. Those who tend to sit cross-legged at their workstations and prefer sitting on the floor at home are among their most avid fans.

Designer and founder, Pack Matthews, was frustrated with how conventional ergonomic chairs left him in pain and offered no options for changing position while working at the computer. Collaborating with friends, physical therapists, yoga instructors, fine woodworkers, and industrial engineers, Pack developed Ikaria Design's first product, the Soul Seat. The solution Pack devised is so innovative, you’ll find it registered with the US Patent Office.

Take a look at their new showroom update came to life.

Meeting with Inventor, Pack Matthews of Soul Seat by Ikaria Design Co., to help update an old and industrial space for their new showroom/fulfillment center on Fay Street in Columbia, Missouri, I knew that the space needed to be as cool as the products Pack's company designed. The exposed beams, concrete floors and winding black metal staircase towards the back of the long and narrow space along with the oversized white tile screamed for more warm wood, fresh paint and colorful accents that would bring their product colors to life.

Paint Palette

Here is the space freshly painted with the new paint palette, giving the wood elements a beautiful warmth and allowing the concrete floor to stand out with its contrast to the walls. The original orange paint was really overpowering and didn't give the existing parts of this space any room to be fully seen. This clean palette is modern, fresh and shows the features of the space beautifully.

Design Concept & Renderings

The update to both the paint, lighting and custom pieces for added function and additional seating options really has made a huge difference in bringing all of the elements of the space together.

Here is a quick video taken with the new custom built-in bench that wraps down the entire right side of the showroom that extends to a raised platform perfect for showing their products off in a natural setting.

This showroom has already undergone a wonderful transformation, and the finished product, like the incredible designs Ikaria Design Co. produce and ship all over the world, will be something special with various ever-changing spaces to try their pieces in numerous settings. Learn more about their products here.


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