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Vault | Tiger Hotel

Being asked to help assist in the historic and iconic Tiger Hotel's lower level lounge, VAULT, was a cool project that allowed me to do what I do best, work with existing pieces and bring new things to the table. Adding color, gold accents and a mix of patterns and prints gave this space a wonderful facelift just in time for it to become a VOCO hotel in 2021.

Life is so odd how things come to fruition that you write down as a goal. In 2020, my main goal was to transition into doing more commercial spaces as my business grew. I got what I asked for and one of those projects was a color consultation and advising the refresh of a swanky lounge in the heart of downtown Columbia, Missouri. Housed in the lower level of the award-winning Tiger Hotel, Vault, was needing a modern update with comfy seating, pops of color, transitional tables and original artwork.

Take a look at the transformation of this swanky lounge that offers an assortment of clientele, mixed drinks, and energies...

Design Concept

Phasing out the dark burgundy walls allowed for a powerful pop of color, YES, and so I wanted to bring saturated hues in the main pieces of seating while the side tables and movable pieces for flex seating gave more texture and pattern to the mix. Here and now, there is an inviting space that brings the gold to the trim, behind the bar and of course, in the logo which greets you as soon as you head down the stairs to enjoy this space.

The deep saturated colors are simply striking in the space, leaving guests feeling at ease, comfortable and nestled in a safe spot where a DJ, great cocktails and intimate conversation can be enjoyed. I love how the colors are all complementary of each other and allows for dramatic touches, fabrics and textures to play well within the space together.

Repurposing some of the existing tables and lighting were part of my thought process in sourcing for new items that would fit into the space and those pieces that were staying put. The wrap-around seating was demo'd leaving more space for bar-height tables and stools. The amazing bar was painted, along with the metal foot-rail that goes the entire length of the 16' bar that is as impressive as it sounds.

The historic hotel sits atop the Downtown Columbia landscape and is true marvel and mark of the city. I love this image I took one day at lunch with all of the clouds in the sky. It really is such an amazing piece of Columbia's history and is a cool place to spend some time.

Take a closer look at how the process came about and where this space started...

We even were able to enjoy the space the New Year's prior to them reaching out for color and furniture sourcing assistance. We had a blast and I was able to feel the space before the update and I must say, the color on the walls now is so rich and cool, I absolutely LOVE it!


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