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The Power of Staging

Creating a visually appealing, comfortable and livable space that buyers can see themselves in is truly the name of the game when it comes to property staging. Vacant properties are a blank canvas left to a buyer's imagination that needs to be curated, styled and staged for the upmost appeal and in turn, top dollar and interest. Check out this article on staging from Forbes Magazine.

A Strong Return on Investment

Property staging is typically a 1% investment in the value of the home that can then ultimately increase the dollar value of a property between 6% and 10%.

Such a small initial investment can also drastically decrease the amount of time a property sits on the market, giving the visual that something may be wrong with the property the longer is stays on the market. Striking while the market is hot, and grabbing as much attention from potential buyer's is the name of the game in real estate. With every week spent sitting on the market, the perceived value of that house decreases.

Driving interest through setting the "stage" in a vacant or occupied property is what we do with our staging services. From providing large furniture that grounds a space to maximize the best parts of a room, to adding finishing details like decor and accessories to make a space seem lived in, in the cleanest sense of the word, is what we provide a property. Buyer's can then see themselves living in the space more easily, giving them a use for the space and a guided visual of how their items will fit in this new space. Visualization of filling the space leads to a potential buyer seeing themselves living in the home and gaining more interest in the property. 83% of real estate agents said that staging makes it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home. Staging is something that potential buyers are familiar with and have come to expect when viewing a property.

A property with a lived-in, cozy feel is what our staging services provide for buyers to visualize the potential of that property becoming a home. Small details like home accessories placed in a blank space add to that sense of home a buyer needs to commit to investing in a property. Our staging services is what truly turns an empty property into a home that potential buyer's can see for themselves and their family. For more information visit us here to learn more.

Staging Gallery

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