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clean slate| ORC w2

The beautiful sound of a saw/drill/hammer has happened and thankfully, we have made it out of the demo in good spirits but covered in sawdust. Our sunken powder room has opened itself up and changed directions and come out on the other side with a CLEAN SLATE. And, my favorite part, the demise of the horrid laminate and cramped vanity in our drab bathroom.

Now, I can better visualize how things will flow as you walk down the newly properly railed and painted steps that will lead you down to the crisp white hexagon Carrara marble tiles with green grout lines. The rustic antique table turned vanity with dazzling quartz countertops and backsplash highlighting the unlacquered wall mount faucet featuring cross handles will adorn the 6" backsplash on the opposite wall, perfectly centered below two antiqued mirrors stacked to help lead your eye up to the vintage crystal chandelier centered in a sea of Hounds Tooth wallpaper by Milton & King in the deepest green complimenting the deep paint named Emerald Black by Benjamin Moore on the walls.

As the second week comes to a close, I am happy to say that things are lookin' up and DEMO is DONE!

Here's where we are:

  1. Laminate Removed

  2. Toilet Removed

  3. Vanity Removed

  4. Stairs were cut back 4" to gain some room for the new spot for the new toilet

  5. Base trim was removed

  6. New vanity has been stripped + painted + new feet (thanks, babe!)

Still to do... here's our laundry list of things still needed to get this powder room together!

  • lay new flooring

  • paint the two radiator pipes

  • sand the stairs + paint

  • painting the walls, ceiling, and door

  • creating an accent/gallery wall

  • installing new baseboards

  • get Milton & King wallpaper + fabric

  • have window treatment made

  • hang wallpaper on the ceiling

  • add molding to walls + ceiling

  • antique two mirrors + add florets + install

  • quartz countertop + sink template + install

  • updating toilet paper holder + towel hook

  • select decor + finishing touches

Speaking of decor and finishing touches, take a look at the wallpaper and fabric additions to the pieces I have already sourced for the styling in this space....too pretty, right?!

In the meantime, I have an actual sample of our fabric + wallpaper that I have already ordered so I am glad that I KNOW 100% that I LOVE the Milton & King pieces that are on their way! On to the piece of furniture we are turning into our vanity- we are stripping down the black paint on our FB Marketplace find in order to get down to the raw wood to stain or paint. The piece I ended up finding is real find--old, made of real wood, plays beautifully off of the lines with its construction and oh, yeah, was only $60 bucks. A STEAL! So after what seemed like four weekends of scraping, sanding, scrubbing and scouring, the vanity is DONE! With added pieces of wood in place where the casters once were, the painting had to be done prior to us adding the new brass feet I found (on Etsy)! The feet were $100 but the weight and look make it feel so much sleeker and substantial than the dinky plastic casters that we didn't need along with the plastic pulls that we are updating with vintage brass cup pulls.

Aegean Teal from Benjamin Moore was the paint winner bringing all of the necessary color and contrast to the table, literally! It added a nice pop that will tie the incredible fabric to life. The sage in the fabric is going to be seen much more with this addition.

Our incredibly beautiful unlacquered brass faucet has been custom made for us by InsideEast and is on its way to us! I am still amazed at their generosity as they have sponsored our wall mount cross-handle faucet (shown below!) It will certainly give warm, authentic vibes to the space with its simple yet substantial look and feel. How did I get so lucky to get this incredible faucet for free?! Big shout out to InsideEast!

Being able to do projects with the kids around is a cool thing to witness our son, Kalel, discovered that he could see us from down in the cellar while I was in the powder room. Our dog, Maui, was also pretty excited so here are those moments captured!

Get up to date with our One Room Challenge "Moody Powder Room" by starting here and then seeing Week 1 progress! Take a look at the other designer's vision boards and concepts for their projects!


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