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hurry up + wait | ORC w4

Week 4 is already here and no, I haven't gotten a lot done since Week 3, but I have received the most AMAZING unlacquered brass cross-handle wall mount faucet that was custom made for me as a sponsored gift from InsideEast. The weight of this gorgeous handmade faucet is intense and simply something special! I CANNOT wait to have this pouring out of our 6" granite countertop that will be STUNNING when it's all said and done!

Progress otherwise was slow going, waiting for the faucet to arrive from Morocco on Tuesday and our amazing GC coming to put in our new plumbing situation for the wall mounted sink tomorrow (Saturday) and then we will start on the Grecian White 2" hexagon tile flooring!! EEK, I can't wait 'til that bad boy goes in and we can paint these bo-ring BEIGE walls EMERALD BLACK. (pictured center below) After flooring will come the vanity placement for the granite templating and then, we are cooking! How beautiful is this Fantasy Brown Marble granite that is going to add movement and texture to our countertop?!

Design Concept

Some changes to the original concept are the addition of brick behind our radiator pipes along with scraping the caked on paint on those pipes as best I can, showing the variation and multitude of colors painted on those pipes from decades before. Pretty cool. I love that a greenish blue was once on the walls and has come through in a shabby chic way on those pipes, unexpectedly!

Isn't that the name of the game, anyway?! UNEXPECTED. So what's left after this week? Well, A LOT!

Here's the rundown to set this mood in our powder room.

Some progress that happened shown below mainly showcasing me pretending to do work this week and making Maui, our sweet rescue the star of the show in the powder room. He is showing off the messes on the wall my husband patched so beautifully along with the stairs I have sanded once but need to sand AGAIN. Painting those bad boys is gonna be a simple yet sensational change from the oooold wood stain that's on there now. I mean, they may be ORIGINAL to the house, so well over a hundred years of needing some TLC. So, without much to showcase, I did an impromptu photo shoot with Maui and myself to show off my amazing pants from Anthropologie, my necklace my sister gave me that I haven't had an event or occasion to wear it for and a full face of makeup that I immediately took off once I got some photos taken on my handy timer. (Don't I look serious about spackling?!) Ah, but in all honesty, this has been so fun for me and a real test in patience along with loving the community I have discovered in the four weeks of the ORC! AANNNDD- next week should be incredible to see as so many good things will have happened!

If you've missed our ORC progress from past weeks, take a look at Wk1 | Wk2 | Wk3 and see where we started! The original bathroom is also below, so take it in and see where we have come from on this journey to turn boring beige into a vintage and moody powder room!

Here's how the bathroom looked before we began our first One Room Challenge!

For those looking for maximum inspo, take a look at the other designer's ORC progress and links here! For the featured designers, check them out below and visit here!



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