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tile is in! | wk3 ORC

Well, this week saw some TILE-TASTIC changes in our kitchen! Thanks to our AMAZING sponsored flooring tile from The Tile Shop, we are seeing a graphic black and white instead of subfloor! Check out the Bolshoi Negro we selected paired with cast iron grout for a super clean and dark aesthetic! Baby steps are happening but I feel confident in all of the decisions made as the products come rollin' in!

It was a SPONSORED box delivery party in our entryway! From our Principle Faucet arrival to the Australian box from Milton & King filled with gorgeous wallpaper rolls and not one, but TWO simply stunning fabrics for our windows, this week has all of the boxes arriving with our floor tile from The Tile Shop, going in, err... well, DOWN!

And it is absolutely going down! (Sounding like an 80's rap song, right there.)

Our gorgeous handmade pieces of walnut shipped and was supposed to be delivered today but... ya know how it goes. It is NOT here and I'm wondering where my amazing countertop is,,, hmmm. Anywhoo, on to the next thing... We decided to keep the window wall free from uppers due to the window locations and to make the room feel as large as we could. No uppers will definitely help this! But, this article pointed out that there are some issues and things to consider regarding the all-trendy and all-seeing open shelving. Nothing is perfect but the gorgeous live-edge wood shelving that's about to be served up is going to be just another detail that I can't wait to actually see instead of simply envision. So much of design is daydreaming, envisioning and creating a visual that only you can see, ya know? It's like having a dream and slowly being able to make it a reality, which what profession gets to do that every day?! Anywhoo, that article was great food for the "open shelving" thought, if you will. FYI: We're totally doing it!

Our incredible Principle Faucets faucet is here and I can't wait to highlight just how impressive this faucet, foot pedal and company are! Our plumbing was moved from the inside wall to the outside wall, in front of the window! I cannot wait until I am quickly rinsing off dishes and putting them in my dishwasher!

Next up, our oven electrical got updated and the nook it was sitting in will soon be cleaned, de-greased like a mad-woman and set for the glorious wallpaper from our sponsor Milton & King seen in the middle below! She is perfect for the space and brings all of the colors of all of my pieces together in a perfectly simple and stunning display!

A small little vignette on our subfloor highlighting a cool vintage stool I found, our floor, wallpaper, cabinet color and trim color along with our tulips from our yard!

Here are our tile selections from The Tile Shop. We decided on the Zellige Dark Grey Glossy 4 x 4 for the oven side backsplash tile and the Zellige White Glossy tile in 2 x 12 for the two sides of our kitchen. Yes, we are bringing some subtle drama to the kitchen with that simple yet stunning addition!

We have A TON TO STILL DO but one day at a time, right?! One day at a time...

What a difference a day makes...and man, how I am LOVING this tile!

A big thanks to the One Room Challenge for the chance to update our kitchen this time around with our amazing sponsors! Take a look at our progress with Wk1 | Wk2 and check back in next week for some paint, cabinet placement and wall heater removal! There's so much happening and we are counting down the days 'til we have a working sink, oven and NEW dishwasher!!

Thank you #apartmenttherapy for being the media sponsor for the 10th year of the One Room Challenge. Check out others progress here!


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