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glossy + oh so close| ORC w7

What can I say, we are ALMOST there! The final week will be a major push to get all of the details in place, styling pieces set and it should be a true reflection of the moodiness I am going for with our first One Room Challenge project!

How it all started....

The disjointed and blah beige bathroom was all wrong with the space plan, lack of storage, privacy, and of course, color. I am all about some Moody paint colors so our walls went from Boring Beige to Sexy Salamander for both the walls and trim!

Now, we have HIGH impact GLOSS on the trim (thanks honey!) which I think has taken the top spot on my list of things that I love in this space. I haven't ever done GLOSSY and the color is simply STUNNING when the light hits it. Aw! So chic and I can't wait to get the crystal chandelier to get hung to really get the Moody Goodness I am going for. The elements of the space are highlighted below if you want to check out the concept!

The process from weeks before...

Major hiccups of the week were the plumbing issues (wall mount faucet was installed at the wrong height for the vanity and backsplash along with the leak we found once we opened up the wall before we could fix the drywall.) It's all good now and we were able to fix the wall and this week will see the final two walls getting painted and a second coat of trim paint will be finito!

So, this week, we have accomplished a lot setting us up for a MAJOR Reveal week for ya!

1. Sprayed the trim in high GLOSS!

2. Hand brushed radiator pipes with a mix of two metallic paints...tough work.

3. Vanity countertop template complete with backsplash height extended!!

4. Vessel sink ordered since the original sink won't fit the vanity!

5. Drapery is being made in our incredible Milton & King Thistle fabric!

6. New Artwork that will create an insane moment for the Gallery wall was ordered! (thank you, Mel Remmers!)

7. Styling details are getting worked out and laid out for the perfect composition. Yes!

The wall behind the radiator pipes have been a major source of frustration only in the sense that I really wanted to bust open the wall to expose the original brick chimney that is hiding. But, I opened up the wall, which had to be fixed, so I got the next best thing- a brick panel!

I painted the brick the same wall green but didn't feel like it was true to the look or feel of the space. So what did I do, you ask?! I grouted it to make it a bit more realistic and "rustic". Well, it's dry and I don't like it. So we are simply going back to the plain white and then the painted pipes get a moment of their own! Take a look at what the brick looked like as we say goodbye to this idea altogether...

Until REVEAL Wk8, enjoy the progress from Wk1 | Wk2| Wk3|Wk4| Wk5| Wk6.

The Design Elements

Take a peek at the other Designer's for the Fall 2021 One Room Challenge here! The Week 7 Guest Designer's pages are here. Thanks to Better Homes & Gardens for sponsoring this incredible event!

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hi there! This is looking absolutely gorgeous!!! The colors are divine. P.S. I adore Mel, she is so very talented! Keep up the amazing work!!!

-Gretchen, @kyrosedesigns (fellow ORC guest)

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