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we got cabinets for days!

Yes!!! Today was a BIG DAY in our One Room Challenge progress! What a difference some new cabinets make! The space is truly taking shape and there is such a sigh of relief as we are marching towards the finish line!

I can't express what a difference a day makes in this kitchen! Take a look at our before and after from the original cabinets (which were super cute, but with no counter space at ALL!)

to our new cabinetry!

This is what our kitchen looked like upon moving in this time last year. Loved the glass fronts, the sunny color and the original hardware. Other than that, not a lot of countertop space or ease of use for the kids. And, I got to hand wash dishes while staring at a wall. Boo!

Here is what we did in making it work for the past year including taking off the cabinet fronts, moving the microwave to the middle on a stool (eh, I know), buying an island that fit just perfectly in the center under the non-working light fixture and added a mini split for AC/ heat which we desperately needed! I painted the walls I stared at dark and a small section in the corner green to give it some life until our remodel could happen!

Original Layout + Cabinetry

Our Updated Cabinetry

In addition to the kitchen, we have added on to the project since we see the two other spaces from the kitchen and it all needed to be done!

Here is our laundry space updated with the original built-in taken out of the kitchen and mounted above the w/d for added storage that we didn't have in the 5' space when we moved in. We moved the laundry to this empty space and with non-stop clothes to wash, this was a no-brainer that I now love! The second is a little alcove that I will divulge more about in the coming weeks! I simply added a touch of the wallpaper we are using in our kitchen underneath the shelves for a cute surprise that also covered the radiator pipe openings in each shelf!

This week highlighted our sponsors Milton & King, The Tile Shop, Vintage Tub & Bath, Hardwood Lumber Co. and our lighting that is starting to get installed from the Lightwork Design Co., all of whom have INCREDIBLE products that I have had the privilege to use within our updated kitchen space.

Oh, and how did I forget the GORGEOUS COUNTERTOPS that all got installed this week?!

This walnut is simply stunning and I am obsessed with the warmth and feel it has added!

A huge THANK YOU to our gracious SPONSORS for the Spring event!

Follow along through the weeks and see how each week progressed!

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And check in with the other designers participating in the One Room Challenge with media sponsor Apartment Therapy here!


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