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Our Moody Powder Room | ORC w8

Well, well, well...look who almost got the bathroom done despite a botched flooring job, leaky faucets in the wall and deciding that we needed to wait for an updated LEVEL floor that won't give us issues down the road before fully installing the countertops and finishing the stairs. But, like the one and only Tim Gunn, I stopped stewing over all of the mishaps and delays and realized that this is what exactly what people deal with during a renovations and I should be able to, too. So...we continued and pushed through to get it ready for a new tile job whenever that happens.

The parisian-inspired Moody Powder Room has been derailed due to an uneven floor so we are not 100% satisfied or able to fully install some pieces of this room. With major hiccups in the process that simply have to be addressed before the pretties can get installed, the finishing touches haven't been able to get added for a full and complete installation. I did want to share where all of our brass goodies were sourced from along with the artwork, towels and lovelies that were pulled to create our historic bathroom full of charm, character and a mix of decor, which is further down for you! So, here is where we began our powder room and the work that's been done.


Our Victorian house is such an impressive historic home that begged to be updated so I decided to tackle this for my very first One Room Challenge! The bones are so good, the original woodwork and millwork is phenomenal and striking, and I knew that every room of this house needed to be highly detailed, with the age of the home taking center stage. We aren't in a modern new-build so I didn't want any single part to feel "new" or too shiny. I wanted it to feel rich, storied and a stand alone dedication and nod to the elements that were original to the house built in 1907. We actually reverted the bathroom back to an older version of itself, by switching the vanity and toilet locations unbeknownst to us. Once the laminate flooring was pulled up, the original plumbing holes were unveiled and I knew we were on the right path.

MyDomaine had a nice article by Melissa Epifano about a Victorian home's characteristics and what makes this style of home so unique. Another article features 26 ways to bring Victorian homes up to a more modern and updated place in time. This was the greatest challenge in this renovation...adding charm and character to an updated space that is historic.

Our moody powder room has come a long way but we aren't completely finished but I am proud of sticking with it despite what seemed like one issue after another, keeping the faith and all of the details we have added to this room! Even our dog, Maui, looked like he was sitting a bit taller today as I was adding



So our BIG REVEAL is not completely done but we are going to keep at it to get the new stairs sanded, primed and painted after our new flooring goes in. Then, the incredible wallpaper will be adhered to the stairs as a nice little pop to the freshly painted stairs.

Lots has happened in this little powder room that has made a big impact in our 32 square feet. After scraping, sanding, tearing out and making adjustments and repairs to the drywall and walls, we painted, put down new stairs, laid new tile flooring, moved the sconce location (which was just an outlet cover when we started), and installed new overhead and sconce lighting. My husband made stripping our salvaged FB find look easy despite it taking many days off to get the black vanity to the gorgeous Aegean Teal color it has become.

Our incredible Thistle fabric so graciously sponsored by Milton & King has made the bathroom a special addition that has elevated the entire room. The silky fabric is able to be both a functional and FABULOUS piece of art that has given us much needed color, texture and privacy!


Shop The Look

1 | Vanity

2| Candle

3| Mirror

4| Sconce

6| Towels

7| Toilet

11| Artwork

The pieces in the space that have been painted, installed and intentionally added, I am in love that we have added to this space.

Sponsored Goodies List

A huge THANK YOU to the companies that were inclined and gracious enough to send me some amazing comforts that made my bathroom what it has turned out to be. We aren't completely done so the Houndstooth Wallpaper that will be added to the new stairs and gallery wall hasn't been done until the floor is updated. I can't wait to see the pattern being added to the Salamander walls. It will be AMAZING!!

Towels: Parachute

Wallpaper + Drapery Fabric: Milton & King

Wall Mount Faucet: Insideast

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